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Crappy Food Colouring

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We don’t just bitch on blogs, y’know. We have a very nice Twitter account (@KitchenBitching, if you fancy a follow) and sometimes we get bitches sent to us on there. And, well, sometimes we’re just nosy and we butt in when we see something interesting. Something like this, for example…


We couldn’t resist; we just had to ask. Philippa had, in an attempt to make her cookies beautiful, used food colouring. But because she could only get hold of the natural stuff she had in her local shop, she’d had to use lots and lots of food colouring, which had totally destroyed the taste of her cookies.

So it’s over to you…

What food colouring would you recommend to produce a strong colour without ruining the taste?


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  1. The solid/gell food colourings are much stronger colours so you don’t need anywhere near as much.

  2. Apparently you should use a colour Gel. You would only need the tiniest bit. You can get it from suger craft shops or online at

    Love Ax

  3. That’s great, guys! Are there any particular brands you could recommend?

  4. southeasterncakes

    Hi, The Sugarflair range of colouring pastes come in little reusable containers. All you need is a toothpick; dip it into the colouring and pop it into whatever it is you wish to colour. You get very good depth of colour using the tiniest amount – and it doesn’t alter the flavour of your food either. I use it to colour cake batter, buttercream, sugar paste etc. I’m lucky in that a local cake supply shop where I live stocks them so I’ve bought one of every colour…they’re reasonably priced too if you find the right place. Google “Sugarflair Colours” to find stockists. Good luck.

  5. southeasterncakes

    Sorry – I didn’t mean tho out in my previous post that the containers are reusable. I meant to remove that word. Thanks

  6. For our wedding cake (, my wife used gel food colouring, the specific brand (after spooling through pages of Google Image results) is Squire’s Kitchen.

    I think we bought them online, not sure from whom, but this is their website:


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