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Macarons, oh macarons

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I like to feel I’m quite confident in the kitchen, but I have a dark secret – I just cannot master the French delicacy that is macarons. A few years ago when my husband was working away in Paris I begged him to bring home some of these fabled macarons I’d read so much about. While they were not Ladurée macarons they could only be described as dry, tasteless and frankly disappointing. A few years went by and I was down in London for the Real Food Festival and spotted the hallowed treats for sale. This time they were sweet and delicious. This meant I had to have a go at making them myself.

The hallowed macaron

The hallowed macaron

The first time I made them the mixture was a bit too thick and the shells didn’t bake to a smooth top. Second attempt was going well until I took them out of the oven. They had good feet then as they cooled the tops cracked and they managed to weld themselves to the baking parchment.

Cracked macs ...

Cracked macs ...

After returning back to square one, more times than I care to remember, I decided to try the Italian method. I knew it was fated from the start when I dropped the aged egg whites. I’d already prepped the other ingredients so continued with new fresh egg whites. Although I appeared to get the perfect ribbon consistency with the mixture in the bowl it decided to pour straight out of the piping bag. Cue a great deal of kitchen cursing. The resulting bake was reminiscent of salmon pink thick tuile biscuits. Nice.

A right bloomin' mess ...

A right bloomin' mess ...

The problem is because I can’t make them this irritates me immensely. I want to master them plus I passionately hate wasting ingredients, even the odd egg white. I had good intentions on having yet another go at the Italian method of macarons this weekend. After lovingly aging 3 egg whites for 3 days I got cold feet and put the whites in the freezer for another day.

So here is to me sticking two fingers up at the pastel meringue sandwiches and going back to something I’m good at – cake. What are your top tips for macaron making? My goodness, I need them.

Love Jules x

One day ... one day ...

One day ... one day ...

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  1. Okay. I have never attempted macarons, because they scare me. HOWEVER, Kitchen Bitching favourite Holly Bell has written an enormously in-depth guide to making them, which may be of some use…

    Love, Hells Bells xx

  2. I love Holly – I love her enthusiasm, dogged determinedness and her kind and supportive writing style. But, god bless her, she can’t write THAT long a list of instructions without inspiring me with some more gorgeous macaron images …

  3. Mela (who has a sewing blog too) seems to be blessed with the ability to make perfect macarons.
    Her tutorial is here:


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