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How to get beautiful brownies

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We don’t just like to talk about food we’ve cooked at Kitchen Bitching; we like to help others solve any culinary disasters, too. We know that the best place to get cooking advice from is other cooks, so when Sarah from The Bibliomouse got in contact with her brownie bitch, we were more than happy to pop it online so that you lovely people could help her!

This is what she had to say…

“Every so often I try to recreate the fabulous brownies that I made one Sunday when I was about 12. The closest that I’ve come so far is using Signe Johansen’s recipe which, since it contains huge amounts of Nutella, was never going to be bad. My problem is, how the hell do you tell when brownies are done? Thank you bitches!”

Mmm. Anyone hungry?

Do you have any advice for Sarah? Let us know in the comments.

If you’ve got a kitchen problem you want solving, pop over to our Start Bitching! page and let us know.

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23 years old. A fan of cake (eating and making it), words (writing them and reading them) and knitting.

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  1. The top of the brownies ought to crack slightly when they’re cooked, and when you put a skewer into the centre of the brownies, it shouldn’t come out covered in wet goo (even though the goo is delicious).

  2. I always like my brownies gooey, so I cook them until they look solid but wobble ever-so-slightly in the middle when shaken. Delicious.

  3. True brownies should be cracked on top and gooey in the centre… not like the store bought brownies that are effectively cake not brownie

  4. Thanks guys. I guess the key to just keep a close eye on them, especially if one’s oven is temperamental! *plans next baking spree*

  5. A little late with this but another way to tell if your brownies are done is when the top of the mixture turns paler in colour. That, usually tells you that they’re as cooked as they should be. Glad I’m not the only one that finds brownies slightly stressful!


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